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A security official would not comment on Hegazy's case but denied that police incite prisoners against each other or otherwise mistreat them.Lawyers for other detainees said their clients faced similar treatment.No Western government has publicly condemned or commented on this crackdown, but Egypt is facing criticism from the United States, a major ally, over its human rights record. Egypt has taken a leading role at the United Nations in opposing gay rights.Washington denied Egypt .7 million in aid and delayed a further 5 million because it failed to make progress on human rights and democracy, U. It was one of 13 countries to vote last week against a U. resolution condemning the death penalty for having gay sex. It sent a letter last year on behalf of Muslim countries to the secretary-general that led to the exclusion of 22 gay and transgender rights groups from the U. General Assembly's High Level Meeting on Ending Aids.The crackdown has Egypt's already underground LGBT community living in fear.Five gay men who all requested anonymity said they were avoiding gay-friendly spaces and deleting online dating profiles for fear of arrest. But the recent developments underscore an existing reality for gay Egyptians: they are in constant physical danger. We're not talking about gay rights here, no one is calling for marriage equality, we face the possibility of jail and humiliation for merely existing," said one 25-year-old gay man.At a Cairo courthouse defendants stood in a cage, holding up newspapers and books to hide their faces to shield themselves from the stigma of homosexuality in Egyptian society.

Ten men have already gone on trial during the recent sweep and received jail sentences from one to six years. 22, at a concert packed with 30,000 people headlined by Mashrou' Leila, a Lebanese alternative rock band whose lead singer is openly gay, a small group of concert goers raised a rainbow flag and, within hours, the image went viral.The man says he later felt going to the police was almost as traumatic as the incident itself.Police records show officers create false dating profiles and set up dates only to arrest the men who show up.Suspected gay male detainees are subject to forced anal exams to determine if they have had homosexual sex, a procedure human rights groups say amounts to torture.At least five such examinations have taken place, Amnesty International says.

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